Saturday, 3 November 2012


Hearty Welcome to... Art in Bottle Gallery...!!
About me, simply having 18 years of experience in creating arts,crafts inside the bottles..and created " I love my mother India" art by insert 439 Threads in a single needle..(please find it at below image).!!

Art galleries are dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists. These galleries provide a platform for them to display their works along with the works of nationally and internationally renowned artists.

Apart from wedding pictures, the thing that will commemorate the love between you and your partner is the wedding favor that you will be handing out to your guests at the end of the reception. Let's face it; whenever your guest sees the gift or favor you gave them, they will remember your wedding reception, the food that was served, and even the way that you or your partner looked that day.

Wait! Don't throw away that used wine bottle. Just close your eyes, open your mind, and envision all of the new ways you can repurpose that bottle. Instead of contributing to the landfill, or even sending the bottle to your local recycling center, there are many types of recycled bottle art that can add beauty and functionality to your home and property.

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